AMD Anti-Lag+ Feature in Latest Driver Update Causes VAC Bans for Counter-Strike 2 Players

The latest AMD driver update 23.10.1, released earlier this week, brought forward a host of enhancements and support for several games. These improvements included: However, this update has inadvertently caused some CS2 players to receive VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans. The main culprit behind these bans has been identified as the Anti-Lag+ feature. Community Uproar and … Read more

Disney’s Gaming Gamble: Acquiring Electronic Arts

Recent reports suggest that as Disney tries to find its footing amidst financial losses and Hollywood challenges, its internal team is considering a pivot towards the gaming sector. As CEO Bob Iger navigates through these troubled waters, a new avenue has opened up for potential revenue growth – a major acquisition in the gaming world. … Read more

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Hype, Game Modes, and Predicted PC Requirements

With just a week remaining for the Spider-Man 2 embargo to be lifted and the game’s release two weeks away, the anticipation for this sequel is palpable. When reflecting upon the previous generation of PlayStation and the current PS5 era, Spider-Man 2 stands out as a milestone title. Its predecessor, Spider-Man on PS4, carved an … Read more

Excitement Builds for Super Mario Bros. Wonder with Demos and New Art Style Revelations

The anticipation for the upcoming “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game for the Nintendo Switch continues to soar, with demo stands starting to appear in retailers ahead of its October 20 release. Fans who have had the opportunity to try out these demos have shared overwhelmingly positive impressions. However, it’s always advisable to take demo impressions … Read more

SEGA’s Unreleased “Hyenas”: Inside The Costliest Game Cancellation

SEGA’s recent cancellation of the online multiplayer shooter “Hyenas,” developed by Creative Assembly, has shocked many, not just because of the anticipation around the game, but also due to the immense resources invested in its development. Recent reports suggest that this game had the largest budget in SEGA’s history, even surpassing that of the notable … Read more

PlayStation Plus October 2023: Free Games Unveiled

The autumn air may be starting to bite, but PlayStation is turning up the heat with a new round of PS Plus Essential games for October 2023. As we transition from September, Sony continues its legacy of offering an exciting variety of titles each month. This time, the gaming giant is serving up a blend … Read more

Starfield’s Game-Changing Mods: A Deep Dive

For all its grandeur and ambition, one of the most lamented aspects of Starfield is its approach to space travel. Instead of delivering a seamless and interactive space exploration experience, players often found themselves engulfed by cutscenes, acting as mere loading screens for transitions. This repetitive method reminded gamers that they were essentially just moving … Read more

Exemption for eSports Athletes in South Korea Stirs Controversy Surrounding Military Service

In South Korea, a gold medal at the Asian Games can bring more than just national pride. It can also lead to an exemption from the country’s mandatory military service of 18-21 months, which all able-bodied males must complete by the age of 28. This policy has been in place to honor and incentivize elite … Read more

Sonic Superstars: A Classic Feel with New Twists

The Sonic franchise remains iconic in the world of gaming. While fans were looking forward to a sequel for Sonic Mania, Sega seems to have other plans. The gaming giant is set to bring forth a classic Sonic experience with the release of Sonic Superstars. With 2D side-scrolling intact, the game has transitioned away from … Read more

Fortnite Settlement: Epic Games to Refund Millions Following FTC Settlement

Epic Games Inc., the developer behind the widely popular Fortnite video game, has reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over allegations of deceptive practices and children’s privacy violations. As part of the settlement, the company has agreed to compensate affected players and their parents, potentially paving the way for millions in … Read more