Zalman’s wireless keyboard is now remarkable.

Zalman launches a cable-free mechanical keyboard, the ZM-K610. It has quick-change sockets and can be corded or wireless with RGB lighting effects.

Zalman’s New Mechanical Keyboard: The ZM-K610

Famous as the cooling king of the 2000s, Zalman is now trying to strengthen its presence in the peripherals segment with their newest creation – a cable-free mechanical keyboard called the ZM-K610.

The device has a 65-percent design and an aluminum cover plate. It features quick-change sockets that allow users to choose between factory-lubricated linear Gateron G Pro Yellow (50 gF, 4/2 mm), unlubricated linear G PRO Red (45 gF, 4/2 mm), or possibly quiet/tactile G Pro Brown (55 gF, 4/2 mm) switches.

The keycaps are made of KCA profile PBT plastic using dipping techniques while ABS was used for the lower part of cover plate. Furthermore,a sound-absorbing sponge frame is placed under it to reduce typing noise along with Cherry stabilizers that also got some lubricant. There’s also three-level tilt angle adjustment aimed at increasing user comfort.

Users can select from blue/white or gray/white color combinations and communicate with their device through either Bluetooth5.0 technology which allows up-to-three devices connection simultaneously or via a wireless radio operating on a frequency rangeof  up-to-1000Hz polling rate.There’s even RGB lighting thrown into this mix too!

If you’re worried about battery life then no problem! With its built-in rechargeable battery claimed upto73-hour running time.You can charge it easily via USB Type-C /Type-A cables(up-to1 .5-meter long PVC cord).

In addition,the keyboard has15 different LED lighting effects.The basic control over these lights can be done without software by simply plug-and-play method but there’s dedicated software available for macros programming & synchronization.
To switch between Windows/Mac mode press Fn+W/A keys simultaneously.

What Comes In The Box?

  • A pair of switch and cap removal tweezers
  • Three spare switches
  • < li>Two extra keycaps(one tab,and one enter)>

  • Cleaning brush & filter
  • >