YouTube Music Unveils a Redesigned Now Playing Interface

YouTube Music has announced a comprehensive redesign of its ‘Now Playing’ screen for both iOS and Android platforms, enhancing user experience and interactivity. Notably, the key feature is the integration of a comments section pulled from corresponding YouTube videos.

Key Changes in the Update

  • Comments Section: Users can now read and write comments directly from the ‘Now Playing’ page, a feature that was previously limited to playlists. The interface for the comments section resembles the conventional YouTube app. Some comments on the page may even date back several years as Google seems to be sourcing them from associated YouTube videos.
  • Interface Design: The redesign showcases a larger cover art, which now features more rounded corners and is positioned higher on the page. Alongside, song titles and artist names have been realigned to the left.
  • Enhanced Control Bar: A new horizontal carousel of pill-shaped buttons has been added above the progress bar. This includes options like thumbs up/down, comments, Save (add to playlist), Share, Download, and Radio. Previously, many of these actions were hidden by default and necessitated a tap on the artwork. This enhancement places more controls at the bottom for improved accessibility while retaining other options in the overflow menu.

Release and Accessibility

Following its initial testing in June, the ‘Now Playing’ redesign began its broader rollout recently. While the update is progressively being made available to Android users worldwide, iOS users might experience a delay similar to past redesigns that took over a year to be fully accessible on iPhones.

How to Access the New Design

For those keen on checking the update, it can be accessed by force-stopping the YouTube Music app from the App info page on Android and reopening it. It is crucial to ensure the app is up-to-date for optimal results. 9to5Google has provided screenshots for a detailed comparison between the old and new designs for interested users.

Future Expectations from YouTube Music

Industry analysts speculate that this might just be the beginning of a series of updates aimed at blurring the lines between conventional music streaming and social media interactions. With platforms like Spotify already incorporating features such as Story and integrating podcast ecosystems, YouTube Music


This redesign by YouTube Music appears to focus on augmenting user engagement and simplifying interface interactions. By integrating the comments section and improving the controls’ layout, it offers users an enriched platform to not only enjoy music but also engage with other fans and share thoughts. The move, seen as an effort to enhance the app’s social elements, awaits users’ reception in the coming weeks.

As YouTube Music continues to compete with other prominent music streaming platforms, these consistent updates and feature enhancements are crucial in retaining and expanding their user base. The integration of social elements, such as the comments section, signifies YouTube’s recognition of the power of community engagement. Music is not just a listening experience; it’s a medium that fosters community, shared experiences, and discussions. It remains to be seen how these new features will shape the future of music streaming, but one thing is certain: the lines between passive listening and active engagement are becoming increasingly blurred

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