YouTube Music Introduces Gradient Design to Its Now Playing Interface

In its recent design evolution, YouTube Music is taking visual aesthetics a step further by testing a gradient background for its ‘Now Playing’ interface. Traditionally, the ‘Now Playing’ screen has adopted a solid color derived from the album artwork. However, the latest design update, as observed by multiple users, introduces a gradient which starts off richer at the top and gradually becomes darker towards the bottom. Google’s color extraction for this purpose has favored muted shades so as to maintain visual harmony with the album artwork. The introduction of the gradient, while not a stark departure, does offer a slightly darker background compared to the previous design.

Key Observations:

  • The gradient design was first spotted by a Reddit user, PrimeNimbleFrog404.
  • The gradient is not widely available yet, hinting at phased or selective rollouts.
  • The background’s ability to dynamically adjust based on the album cover remains.
  • With this gradient, white buttons for controls like play/pause and next/back stand out more prominently.

Interface Tweaks: Floating Icons and Removed Indicators

Not just stopping at the gradient design, YouTube Music has also made alterations to the placement and appearance of various buttons on the ‘Now Playing’ screen. Earlier versions had the ‘Up Next’, ‘Lyrics’, and ‘Related’ housed within a single container, giving them a more segmented appearance. This container has now been removed, and these buttons float as individual gray texts on the screen. Some users have noted that without their familiar container, these buttons appear somewhat out of place.

Usability Features:

  • Swiping up from the bottom can still be used to open the queue.
  • The pull tab indicator, previously associated with these buttons, has been removed.

Community Feedback and Future Prospects

The reception of these changes among the YouTube Music user community appears to be mixed. While some appreciate the added depth and variance that the gradient provides to the background, others seem to miss the organized feel that the previous container provided for the ‘Up Next’, ‘Lyrics’, and ‘Related’ buttons. It remains to be seen if YouTube Music developers will tweak these floating buttons in future updates based on user feedback.

Continued Enhancements:

  • YouTube Music introduced official support for the Apple HomePod.
  • AI-driven features, such as AI-generated playlist artwork, were rolled out for US listeners.
  • Enhanced support for podcasts, including automatic podcast downloads, was added to the Android app.¬†

9to5Google¬†reported on these changes, highlighting that YouTube Music’s design evolution reflects the platform’s ambition to continuously modernize and improve user experience, even as it competes with major music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple.

The Importance of User Feedback

One of the key drivers behind YouTube Music’s consistent updates appears to be user feedback. The platform, owned by Google, has a history of engaging with its user base, collecting insights, and making changes that resonate with the demands and desires of its community. Given the noted concerns regarding the floating buttons in the new design, it would not be surprising if the YouTube Music team is already working on further refinements or considering user suggestions.

Engaging with the Community:

  • Platforms for Feedback: YouTube Music frequently uses platforms like Reddit, user forums, and feedback surveys to gain insights into user preferences.
  • Beta Testing: By introducing features to a limited audience first, YouTube Music gauges user reactions and addresses potential issues before a broader rollout.
  • Responsive Adjustments: Historically, the platform has made changes in response to popular demand, underscoring its commitment to the community.


YouTube Music’s journey since its inception has been marked by a series of design and functionality enhancements. This recent design change, although subtle, signifies YouTube Music’s commitment to providing an evolving and user-centric experience. As with all updates, it might take some time for this change to roll out to wider audiences. Until then, users and enthusiasts can keep a lookout for more updates and potentially provide feedback to shape the app’s future direction. With the rapid changes in technology and user preferences, YouTube Music is evidently striving to be at the forefront of the music streaming landscape.

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