Xiaomi unveils wireless vacuum cleaner with 40-minute autonomy.

Xiaomi’s new product is the Mijia Wireless Washer 2 Lite, a cordless vacuum with dry and wet cleaning modes and self-cleaning function.

Xiaomi’s Latest Innovation: Mijia Wireless Washer 2 Lite

Xiaomi has recently launched the Mijia Wireless Washer 2 Lite, a new addition to their range of home appliances. This wireless vacuum cleaner boasts both dry and wet cleaning modes, self-cleaning capabilities, and an impressive battery life.

Dry and Wet Cleaning Modes

The Mijia Wireless Washer 2 Lite offers two modes for cleaning – dry mode for picking up dust particles from floors or carpets, and wet mode for mopping hard surfaces like tiles or hardwood floors. The device comes with a water tank that can hold up to 200ml of liquid so you don’t need to refill it every few minutes while using it in the wet mode.

Self-Cleaning Functionality

Cleanliness is important not just on your floor but also inside the washer itself! Xiaomi realizes this concern well as they have integrated function called “self-cleaning” which helps keep its brushes free from tangled hair & debris after each use automatically by spinning at high speeds removing all dirt without any hassle!

Battery Life Performance

The device houses a powerful lithium-ion battery that provides long-lasting power supply even when used continuously in full-power settings – upto about 45 Minutes of Non-Stop Battery Life.

Overall we would highly recommend this product if you’re looking forward towards great value-for-money purchase with top-notch features at reasonable pricing point.