Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S with LDS navigation priced at $261.

Xiaomi’s smart home technology catalog has added the Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S with advanced mapping and dual cleaning attachments.

Catalog of Smart Home Appliances by Xiaomi

The catalog of smart home appliances by Xiaomi has been enriched with the addition of Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S – a robotic vacuum cleaner. The new product boasts advanced cartographic system, wet cleaning function, and two cleaning nozzles for thorough cleansing.

Advanced Cartographic System

Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S comes equipped with an advanced mapping system that allows it to scan and map the floor plan before starting its work. This feature ensures efficient navigation, as well as prevents collisions or missed spots during operation.

Wet Cleaning Functionality

The robot vacuum also features a wet mopping functionality which uses water tanks attached at the bottom to clean floors effectively while avoiding damage from excessive moisture.

Dual Cleaning Nozzles for Thorough Cleansing

The dual cleaning nozzles on Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S allow it to pick up dust particles more efficiently than other models in its category while keeping noise levels low enough not to disturb household activities.

Overall, Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S is an excellent choice if you are looking for cutting-edge technology-backed home appliance that can help maintain cleanliness without putting much effort into it!

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