Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S with LDS navigation costs $261.

Xiaomi’s smart home tech catalog now includes Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S with advanced mapping system, wet cleaning function, and two cleaning attachments.

Catalog of Xiaomi Smart Home Appliances

Xiaomi, a leading brand in the field of consumer electronics and smart home appliances, has added another innovative product to its catalog – The Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S. This latest addition boasts an advanced mapping system and wet cleaning function along with two separate attachments for thorough cleaning.

Advanced Cartographic System

The new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is equipped with an advanced cartographic system that enables it to create accurate maps of your house layout. Once created, these maps are saved within the device’s memory and can be used as a reference point for future cleanings. With this feature, you can schedule specific areas or rooms to be cleaned at particular times without having to manually guide the machine through every room each time.

Wet Cleaning Functionality

In addition to its standard dry-cleaning functionality, The Mijia Robot Vacuum 3S also features a wet mopping mode that allows it not only pick up dirt but also scrub away stubborn stains on hard floors surfaces like tiles or hardwood flooring while leaving them shiny as well.

Dual-Cleaning Attachments

This newly introduced appliance comes fitted with dual-purpose brushes including one primary brush roll designed specifically for removing dirt from carpets using bristles located at both ends; secondly is side-brushes which work perfectly when sweeping around corners where dust collects often unnoticed by other vacuum cleaners models in similar category.

In conclusion,the new technological advancements make this mop-vacuum hybrid stand out amongst competitors making household chores stress-free! It’s easy-to-use interface provides automated solutions freeing users from mundane tasks giving more time focus on what matters most: family & friends! Order now!

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