Xiaomi launches 540-liter fridge with ‘glass’ doors.

Xiaomi’s home appliance catalog now includes the Mijia Side-by-side 540L Ice Crystal Refrigerator, equipped with freshness-preserving technologies.

Xiaomi household appliances catalog now includes the Mijia Side-by-side 540L Ice Crystal Refrigerator

The latest addition to Xiaomi’s home appliance range is the Mijia Side-by-side 540L Ice Crystal Refrigerator. This new product features a two-door design and comes equipped with advanced technologies for storing and maintaining freshness.


The Mijia refrigerator boasts several features that make it stand out from its competitors:

  • Ice crystal cooling technology: The ice crystal cooling technology ensures an even distribution of cold air throughout the fridge, keeping your food fresh for longer periods.
  • Dual refrigeration system: With separate compartments for freezing and refrigerating, this refrigerator provides optimal storage conditions for different types of food items.
  • Frost-free operation: Say goodbye to tedious defrosting tasks as this fridge automatically prevents frost buildup on its surface!

Aesthetics & Design

In terms of aesthetics, the Miija side-by-side refrigerator has a sleek design which will complement any modern kitchen. It also has LED lighting inside both compartments so you can easily see all your stored goods at once. Its spacious interior can hold up to 540 liters worth of groceries – making it perfect for large households or those who love entertaining guests frequently!

Pricing & Availability

The Miija Side-By-Side Fridge is available in select markets worldwide at competitive prices starting from $899 USD (approx). You may check online retail stores like Amazon or AliExpress if you are interested in purchasing one today!