Xiaomi 13 Lite Review: Navigating Lost Paths with Wires

Xiaomi 13 Lite has a similar design to Xiaomi Civi 2, comes with Android 12, and a good OLED screen. However, its camera and interface have flaws.

Xiaomi 13 Lite Review

The Xiaomi 13 Lite was initially launched as the Xiaomi Civi 2 in September last year. While it shares similarities with its sister models, it comes with Android 12 instead of the latest Android 13 that other phones in the series have.

Design and Build Quality

The phone has a glass back and plastic frame which contributes to its low weight. The back shimmers through the included rubber shell depending on how light falls on it.

Cheaper Model Strategy

Xiaomi’s strategy to launch cheaper models that are similar but skimping more on features is not new.

Main Features: Lightness & Thinness, Charming Screen

  • The phone is light and thin compared to most modern smartphones.
  • OLED screen with curved edges supports always-on display function for notifications without draining battery life unnecessarily.
  • A Snapdragon processor underpins an OLED screen (120Hz refresh rate). It may lack some of the performance found in higher-end devices but handles all everyday tasks well enough.
  • Dual selfie cameras do not significantly boost functionality though one camera provides three zoom ranges right from within app interface.

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