Windows 11 Update Clashes with MSI Motherboards, Causing BSOD Issues

Microsoft’s recent update for Windows 11 seems to have unintentionally disrupted a subset of its users. As per a report from PCMag, users, especially those with specific MSI motherboards, have begun encountering the infamous blue screens of death (BSOD) subsequent to the installation of this update.

Details of the Issue

  • The problematic update is identified as Build 22621.2215 (KB5029351).
  • Users mainly report an “unsupported processor” error popping up.
  • While the issue is not linked to any critical system updates, the inconvenience of BSODs is significant enough for users to be concerned.

Compatibility Issues with MSI Motherboards

The core of the problem appears to be a compatibility issue between Microsoft’s update and MSI’s motherboard technology. More specifically:

  • The glitch predominantly affects users with MSI boards, especially those from the Intel 600 and 700 series.
  • The Verge’s tech journalist, Tom Warren, reported experiencing this issue on his gaming PC which sported an Intel Core i9-13900KS on an MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFi motherboard.
  • Multiple users on platforms like Reddit have come forward confirming these compatibility issues, with a consistent pattern of Intel systems on MSI motherboards emerging.

How to Determine If You’re At Risk

To assess whether your system could be at risk:

  • Navigate to your computer’s settings and look for System Information.
  • Within the System Summary, seek out the BaseBoard Manufacturer and BaseBoard Product.
  • This procedure will reveal the make and type of your motherboard.
  • If your motherboard originates from Micro-Star International (MSI), cross-reference it against MSI’s listings for the Intel 600 and 700 series.

Immediate Responses from Microsoft and MSI

Both giants of the tech world have recognized the gravity of the situation:

  • Microsoft has temporarily pulled the KB5029351 update for potentially affected users but retains its availability for others.
  • MSI has issued an advisory against installing the Windows 11 update, specifically the KB5029351 Preview.
  • The company suggests users who’ve faced the BSOD issue after the update should avoid reinstalling it.
  • For those who have already installed the update and faced disruptions, MSI has rolled out a temporary solution – reverting to previous BIOS updates. This is while they wait for a more permanent solution from either Microsoft or MSI.
  • In cases where the KB5029351 doesn’t automatically uninstall, MSI advises users to manually revert their motherboard’s BIOS to the previous version and then uninstall the problematic Windows update.
  • MSI has even put out a video guide detailing the BIOS reflash process using a USB drive. Although not the simplest of solutions, MSI asserts it can help recover an affected PC.

Looking Ahead

There’s no definite timeframe as of now for when a complete fix will be rolled out. Both companies are fervently working to pinpoint and rectify the root cause. Users are advised to remain cautious and stay updated with official announcements from either company. The integration of AI tools in future Microsoft Paint updates is also eagerly anticipated.

Final Remarks

While tech glitches are not uncommon, swift response and transparent communication from tech companies can make all the difference. As investigations continue, it’s paramount for users to be informed and take necessary precautions. We will remain on the lookout and provide updates as this story unfolds.

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