Windows update may cause computer to run slower.

Windows 11’s KB5023706 update can cause issues with Adata SSDs due to incorrect cache handling, but a fix is in progress.

Windows 11 Update KB5023706

Recently, a major update for Windows 11 22H2 called KB5023706 was released as part of the usual “patch Tuesday”. This update is installed on our computer by default.

However, this package can cause more problems than usual on systems that were previously working flawlessly. The update does bring some new features such as the Task Manager with a search field and Tray which can also be used on tablets.

Adata SSD Issues

The main issue with this update is concentrated mainly on Adata SSDs at present. It significantly degrades their speed due to incorrect handling of the cache. If you work with Robocopy or Xcopy then there should not be an issue but waiting for machine start-up or loading larger files will take longer than expected.

Solutions from Microsoft

If faced with these issues and errors it’s best to wait until Microsoft releases an official fix or remove this particular patch from your machine altogether.