WhatsApp Introduces New Voice Chat Feature for Larger Group Conversations

WhatsApp, a Meta-owned messaging service, is enhancing the group communication experience with the introduction of a new voice chat feature. This innovative addition provides a less intrusive option for conducting voice conversations in larger groups without the disturbance of a ringing call, akin to the functionalities available on Discord, Telegram, and Slack.

Key Features

  • Quiet start-up: Voice chats begin with an in-chat bubble, eliminating ringing disruptions.
  • Simultaneous actions: Users can talk, mute, hang up, or text without leaving the chat.
  • Encryption: End-to-end encryption safeguards the privacy of conversations.
  • Capacity: Supports groups with 33 to 128 participants.
  • Device limitation: Participation is restricted to the user’s primary device.
  • Automatic end: Calls terminate if only one participant remains after 60 minutes or everyone leaves.

Rollout and Accessibility

The global rollout targets large groups, starting with those comprising 33 members or more, and will be progressively made available on both iOS and Android platforms. To join a voice chat, users can tap the new chat bubble that appears in their group conversation.

User and Business Interaction Surge

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the increasing interactions between users and businesses across Meta platforms, noting over 600 million interactions per day. This statistic underscores the potential impact of WhatsApp’s new feature on user engagement and business communication.

WhatsApp’s Continued Innovation

WhatsApp’s recent updates, including dual account usage and passkey support, reflect its commitment to enhancing user experience. The introduction of “Flows” caters to the seamless integration of shopping and service bookings within the app.

Additional Updates and Business Growth

Mark Zuckerberg reported a 53% year-over-year increase in family app revenues during the third quarter, a growth attributed to WhatsApp’s expanding business platform.

How the New Voice Chat Works

Unlike traditional group calls, the new voice chat feature notifies users through a push notification, leading to a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. With controls conveniently located at the top of the chat, users can maintain text conversations while engaged in voice chat.

Comparative Features

WhatsApp’s voice chat bears resemblance to existing features on competitive platforms but stands out with its encryption and large group capacity, positioning itself as a versatile tool for personal and business use.

Further exploring the practicality of the new feature, WhatsApp ensures that these voice chats are inherently flexible. The new service aims to facilitate discussions among large groups, such as work project teams, community groups, or family gatherings, providing a convenient way to share information or make decisions collectively without scheduling hassles associated with standard conference calls.

Practical Implications for Users

For the everyday user, the integration of voice chat into WhatsApp’s existing service suite means staying connected with friends and family is easier than ever. The non-intrusive notification system respects the user’s time and attention, allowing them to opt into the conversation at their convenience. The voice chat feature is particularly useful for coordinating among large groups, where organizing everyone to be available at the same time can be a significant challenge.

Enhancing Business Communications

Businesses stand to gain substantially from WhatsApp’s new voice chat feature. With secure and easy-to-use voice chat, companies can conduct impromptu meetings, quick updates, or round-the-clock support. The addition of passkey support on Android ensures that these communications are secure, which is particularly important for conversations involving sensitive information.

Advancements in Customer Interaction

The “Flows” functionality is another leap forward, as it provides businesses with a tool to create a more dynamic and engaging shopping experience. Customers can complete transactions such as booking flights or scheduling appointments without needing to navigate away from the chat interface, streamlining the customer journey and potentially increasing conversion rates.


With WhatsApp’s consistent updates and the launch of the new voice chat feature, the platform is set to enhance its user engagement significantly. The feature’s design for non-disruptive communication reflects the evolving needs of WhatsApp’s diverse user base, catering to both personal and professional communication demands.

For more information on WhatsApp’s new voice chat feature and to check if your device supports the latest update, visit WhatsApp’s official page.

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