Valve’s New Privacy Feature for Steam: Enhanced User Discretion and Shopping Cart Updates

Valve Corporation, which runs the well-known gaming service Steam, has launched a big update that improves privacy and makes it easier for users. Aimed mainly at boosting privacy settings, this fresh enhancement is now available to Steam beta testers. It should make the platform more user-friendly.

Enhanced Privacy for Game Purchases

The core of this update lies in the new privacy feature that allows users to mark certain games as private. This means that the chosen games will not be visible to others on the platform. This feature addresses a long-standing concern among users who wish to keep some of their gaming choices private, whether for personal reasons or to avoid judgments based on their game selections.

  • How It Works: Users can mark a game as private at three different points – in their shopping cart, in the game list in a web browser, or directly from the Steam client. Once a game is marked as private, its ownership, in-game status, playtime, and activity become invisible to others.
  • User Control and Visibility: Valve emphasizes that this feature enables users to maintain the visibility of most of their Steam Library, allowing friends to see what they are playing and join in while keeping selected games confidential.

Shopping Cart Updates

Valve has made privacy even better and at the same time updated the Steam shopping cart to make buying stuff smoother and give shoppers more options. Now, you can throw in games as presents for various pals into your cart all in one go; which makes the whole gifting thing a breeze. Plus, there’s this new single shopping cart that keeps your cart the same no matter which gadget you’re using. But heads up, this cool tool is just for folks trying out the beta version of the Steam client for now.

Significance of the Update

Valve’s latest update is more than just a single change; it’s a part of their ongoing mission to make Steam better for everyone. Given Steam’s booming user base and the variety of games on offer, like “Lethal Company,” which just hit over 100,000 players online at the same time, these new privacy options are vital.

  • Why Privacy Matters: In today’s world, keeping personal information safe is more important than ever. Valve’s update aims to comfort users and build trust. It helps gamers know they’re in a secure online space while playing their favorite games.
  • Future Prospects: This privacy improvement comes after Valve said they’ll stop working with some old macOS versions starting in early 2024, which will affect 32-bit games. Valve’s regular updates show they’re dedicated to keeping Steam current and easy to use.

Steam Store and VR Improvements

The update extends beyond privacy features and shopping cart enhancements. The Steam Store itself has seen updates, with an improved shopping cart interface aimed at delivering a more user-friendly experience. This aligns with Valve’s ongoing efforts to streamline the user interface and functionality of Steam.

In the realm of virtual reality, the update has also addressed stability issues. A notable fix has been implemented for a rare crash occurring in SteamVR when showing or hiding non-VR apps in the SteamVR dashboard. Such improvements are critical for maintaining the seamless operation of VR applications on the platform, which is an increasingly popular segment among Steam users.

SteamInput Enhancements

For users utilizing controllers, the SteamInput section has received attention in this update. A specific fix has been implemented for the Controller LED Color selector UI, enhancing the customization experience for gamers who use Steam’s controller configuration capabilities.


Valve rolled out a new privacy feature and made improvements to the Steam shopping cart, aiming to give users more privacy and an easier shopping journey. Now, gamers can decide who sees what they buy and enjoy a smoother checkout process. This move keeps Steam at the top of the gaming world. As these updates reach everyone, not just the early testers, they’re set to make using Steam even better. To learn more about this update and what it means, you can visit the official Steam news page.

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