Twitch introduces Shield Mode to combat user harassment.

Twitch has introduced Shield Mode, allowing users to ban specific words or phrases and prevent new users from accessing chats to combat harassment.

The Benefits of Twitch’s Shield Mode

Are you tired of dealing with trolls and haters during your live streams on Twitch? Well, the good news is that Twitch has introduced a new security feature called Shield Mode, which helps protect users from harassment and hateful comments.

What is Shield Mode?

The Shield Mode allows you to protect yourself in just one click by banishing certain users who have used specific words or phrases. This mode can be easily activated by clicking on an icon, giving access to a specific section of the settings where you can indicate certain phrases or terms that will automatically ban people who use them from your discussions. Banned users are listed and their bans can be confirmed or cancelled as needed.

Additional Features:

  • A feature preventing new users from accessing your chat until they’ve at least discussed once with you
  • Email/phone verification for added protection
  • The system AutoMod – this uses machine learning algorithms & natural language processing techniques to weed out objectionable content before it reaches viewers’ screens
    1. Risky messages are flagged for review by moderators so they don’t appear immediately if there might be some issue. The aim here is simple: provide more ways through which streamers may fight against harassment while ensuring participants stay within set boundaries especially when discussing sensitive topics.”

Source : Twitch Safety Center .