Top Sony LCD TV of the year.

Sony’s most advanced LCD TV this year is 4K, the Bravia X95L with Mini LED backlight system and Cognitive Processor XR.

Sony’s Latest LCD Technology: Bravia X95L

In a surprising move, Sony has decided not to release an 8K resolution television this year. Instead, their most advanced product based on LCD technology will be their “only” 4K offering – the Sony Bravia X95L.

The new TV will come in three sizes: 65-inch,75-inch and 85-inch with no information regarding pricing available just yet. It is still unclear whether the product will have an IPS or VA type panel but it does feature a Mini LED backlight system that should allow for more accurate brightness control and greater contrast as well as more precise color rendering with spectacular HDR.

The latest version of Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR image processing processor is used in this model which theoretically offers better upscaling and noise reduction capabilities than ever before. The maximum refresh rate of the TV is set at120Hz while also supporting FreeSync gaming technology.

One potential downside to note about the device could be its smart platform which still relies on Google TV despite some limitations observed by users previously; nevertheless overall performance remains impressive enough even without cutting-edge software features present elsewhere!