SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake Set For a Grand Update Across Platforms

THQ Nordic, in collaboration with developer Purple Lamp Studios, has revealed its ambitious plan to launch a next-gen version of the popular game “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake” on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. Set to release on 16th October 2023, the enhanced version aims to optimize the gaming experience for players across these platforms, bringing in novel features and a plethora of improvements.

Enhancements and Offerings

Game Availability: 

  • The game will be available both in physical and digital versions, priced at $39.99.
  • Existing owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be entitled to a free upgrade to the respective next-gen versions.

Updates Across Platforms

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 

  1. New Feature: Introducing the Photo Mode – allowing gamers to apply one of the 19 exclusive filters to amplify their in-game pictures.
  2. New Costumes: Costumes like “King Doubloon” (for collecting all doubloons) and “Plush Gary” (for unlocking all achievements) will be available.
  3. Exclusive Improvements for PlayStation 5:
  • Enhanced DualSense controller audio output during in-game item collections.
  • Adaptive DualSense triggers for actions such as using the reef blower and the swinging hook. 

Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One 

  1. Feature additions include the much-awaited Photo Mode, offering 19 distinct filters for a creative touch.
  2. The “King Doubloon” and “Plush Gary” costumes make their debut, enhancing the gameplay visuals. 

PC (Available on Steam, GOG, Epic) 

  1. The new Photo Mode will provide players with 19 unique filters for a tailored screenshot experience.
  2. New costumes like the “King Doubloon” and “Plush Gary” will be at the players’ disposal. 

Nintendo Switch 

  1. In line with other platforms, the Photo Mode with its 19 filters will be introduced.
  2. Gamers can access the “King Doubloon” and “Plush Gary” costumes. 

All Platforms 

  • Bug Fixes Include
  1. Resolution of a rare saving glitch.
  2. Addressing the playtime pause error during the loading screen.
  3. Multiple bug rectifications for a smooth and enhanced gameplay experience.

Previous Reception

The game was originally launched for PlayStation 4 in January 2023. Despite its imaginative level design and a plethora of references and costumes which show a profound appreciation for the SpongeBob SquarePants IP, the game received a 6/10 in reviews. The major concerns cited were related to dated gameplay mechanics, presentation lapses, and a multitude of bugs. Fortunately, many of these concerns are addressed in the upcoming patches, signaling THQ Nordic’s commitment to improving the gaming experience for its users. For a closer look at what’s coming, enthusiasts can check out the announcement trailer here.

Diving Deeper: A Closer Look at the Enhancements

As the date approaches, it’s worth delving deeper into some of the updates to truly appreciate the enhancements coming our way:

The Photo Mode:

A notable addition across platforms, the Photo Mode, isn’t just about adding filters. It’s about capturing memorable in-game moments, showcasing achievements, and sharing them with the community. With 19 unique filters, players can not only add artistic flair to their captures but also revisit and relive their favorite in-game moments with a fresh perspective.


The introduction of “King Doubloon” and “Plush Gary” is more than just a visual treat. These costumes represent rewards for in-game achievements, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny of the game to unlock these exclusive outfits. They are a testament to the game developers’ understanding of how aesthetics and gameplay rewards can complement each other.

Bug Fixes:

Addressing the concerns of the gaming community has always been a priority for THQ Nordic and Purple Lamp Studios. The forthcoming bug fixes, especially those addressing game stability and the rare saving glitch, are expected to make the gameplay experience smoother. Feedback from the initial release has been invaluable in this refinement process, ensuring that players’ voices are heard and acted upon.


This upcoming release is not just a celebration for next-gen console owners but is also a testament to THQ Nordic’s commitment to refining the user experience across platforms. With new features and vital bug fixes, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is set to make waves once again in the gaming community. Players across platforms can now eagerly mark their calendars for the 16th of October 2023 to gear up for a rejuvenated adventure in the whimsical underwater world of Bikini Bottom. The anticipation surrounding the update reflects the lasting appeal of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise, which continues to capture the hearts of both young gamers and those who grew up watching the iconic yellow sponge on television.

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