YouTube’s Response to Ad Blockers: A Tale of Slowdowns, Controversy, and Technical Glitches

Lately, YouTube, known as the biggest place to share videos online, has been caught up in some drama. This is all about how people who use ad blockers are getting affected. We’re going to look into this complicated matter, checking out what YouTube is doing, how users are reacting, and something unexpected happening with the … Read more

YouTube Experiments with a New “Play Something” Feature for Random Video Play

YouTube, the digital video monster, is testing out a different feature that might switch up how people interact with its stuff. Renowned for its gigantic assortment of videos and remarkable suggestion algorithm, YouTube’s now giving the “Play Something” button a whirl to infuse a bit of randomness into the viewing session. Introducing the Random Play … Read more

YouTube Music Introduces Gradient Design to Its Now Playing Interface

In its recent design evolution, YouTube Music is taking visual aesthetics a step further by testing a gradient background for its ‘Now Playing’ interface. Traditionally, the ‘Now Playing’ screen has adopted a solid color derived from the album artwork. However, the latest design update, as observed by multiple users, introduces a gradient which starts off … Read more

YouTube Music Announces Support for Apple’s HomePod

After much anticipation since its teaser at the WWDC in June, Google finally unveiled support for YouTube Music on Apple’s HomePod. This integration allows users to enjoy a seamless voice-command music experience. It’s a significant move towards giving consumers more choice and flexibility in how they interact with their smart devices and their choice of … Read more

YouTube Revamps Ad Controls and Experiments with Ad Formats

Starting this November, YouTube is rolling out new changes to the ad controls available to content creators. YouTube has officially announced its decision to drop individual ad controls in YouTube Studio for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads for newly uploaded videos. The new policy will only allow creators to choose between having ads placed … Read more

YouTube Music Unveils a Redesigned Now Playing Interface

YouTube Music has announced a comprehensive redesign of its ‘Now Playing’ screen for both iOS and Android platforms, enhancing user experience and interactivity. Notably, the key feature is the integration of a comments section pulled from corresponding YouTube videos. Key Changes in the Update Release and Accessibility Following its initial testing in June, the ‘Now … Read more

YouTube Tests New Features Enhancing User Experience

Ever had the experience of watching a YouTube video when suddenly the volume goes from quiet to unbearably loud, startling you? YouTube is currently testing a new feature called “stable volume” to ensure a more balanced volume experience. This information was initially observed on Reddit and confirmed by M. Brandom Lee. The feature employs AI … Read more

YouTube Tests ‘Playables,’ an Online Gaming Product, After Closure of Stadia

The Wall Street Journal reports that YouTube, owned by Google, is currently experimenting with a novel product for online gaming. The product, named “Playables,” seeks to extend YouTube’s capabilities beyond merely hosting video content and venture into the domain of online gaming. An email sent to Google employees, which the Journal had the opportunity to … Read more