Apple Extends Support to California’s Right to Repair Bill

In an unexpected turn of events, Apple, a tech behemoth with roots in California since the 1970s, has publically extended its support for California‚Äôs Right to Repair Bill, SB 244. The bill currently progresses through Sacramento’s State Capitol building. Apple’s declaration came via a letter addressed to California state senator Susan Talamantes Eggman. The bill … Read more

Apple Podcasts Launches New Subscription Analytics and Partnerships

Apple Podcasts is elevating its platform for creators, launching new analytics tools that enable podcasters to understand more about their subscriber base. With these tools, creators will now gain insights on: These tools are designed to supplement the analytics on regular listeners that Apple made available in 2017, giving podcasters a comprehensive look at both … Read more

Google’s AI-Powered Search Gets Advanced Features

Google’s artificial intelligence-driven search feature, the Search Generative Experience (SGE), has seen a major upgrade. Aimed at revolutionizing the browsing experience, SGE will soon be accessible not only in the Google App but also in the Chrome browser. The tech giant disclosed these advancements in a recent blog post and offered insight into how this … Read more

Apple’s $500 Million “Batterygate” Lawsuit Nears Conclusion

Apple is set to compensate millions of iPhone users in what is described as “one of the largest consumer frauds in history.” The lawsuit, initiated over allegations of slowed devices, will see Apple shelling out up to $500 million in settlements. Background The lawsuit, filed in 2018, centered around claims that Apple deliberately slowed down … Read more

Google Introduces Unknown Tracker Alerts on Android

As digital privacy concerns continue to surge, Google has rolled out a safety net for Android users to tackle unwanted tracking. Recently launched, the Unknown Tracker Alerts feature now offers protection against stalking, especially by Apple’s AirTags. Background on the Feature In May 2023, during the Google I/O presentation, the tech giant disclosed its plans … Read more

Netflix Expands Gaming Horizons with New Game Controller App for iOS

Today marks another significant milestone for Netflix as the entertainment behemoth unveiled its new app, the “Netflix Game Controller.” This move, previewed last fall, represents the company’s keen interest in the expansive world of cloud gaming. The app, currently available in the App Store, facilitates the pairing of one’s phone with a TV, allowing users … Read more

Apple Increases Investment in Generative AI, Seeks Global Talent to Boost In-Device Capabilities

Apple is set to strengthen its position in the increasingly competitive artificial intelligence (AI) sector, specifically targeting generative AI technology. Contrary to previous perceptions that the tech giant was lagging in AI innovations, recent job postings reveal a different story. Apple has been actively seeking global talent with expertise in generative AI, publishing numerous vacancies … Read more

Google Unveils Enhanced Search Privacy Features to Control and Remove Personal Information

Google is introducing a set of significant updates to its search engine, aimed at improving users’ control over their personal information. These updates provide new ways to find, review, and remove personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, or emails from Google Search. Along with these privacy measures, there are also updates related to … Read more