The State of the Video Game Industry in 2024: Challenges, Layoffs, and a Path Forward

The video game sector is in the middle of serious chaos and shifts that are likely to last through 2024 and maybe into 2025. Top dogs like CEOs, the money folks, and the companies that release games are worried about the problems they’re seeing now and what might happen down the road. Key Challenges Facing … Read more

Video Game Industry Faces Investment Decline and Layoffs

The video game industry, once riding high on unprecedented investments between 2020 and 2022, has now witnessed a dramatic drop in funds from private equity sources, plunging below pre-Covid levels. According to¬†Konvoy’s Q3 2023 Gaming Industry Report, investments in the gaming sector, which had skyrocketed to $14.78bn in 2021 and $14.49bn in 2022, experienced a … Read more