Apple and Sony Collaborate to Offer Free Apple Music Subscription to PS5 Owners

Apple’s teamed up with Sony, handing out a sweet deal to PlayStation 5 users. Own a PS5? Grab six months of Apple Music on the house. They’re aiming to jazz up your gaming experience with some background music. Hurry, though; you have until November 15, 2024, to claim it. This perk is for newbies as … Read more

The Google-Apple Payment Saga: Billions at Stake and EU Laws in Play

It’s no secret that Google pays Apple vast sums of money annually to ensure that its search engine remains the default choice on devices like Macs, iPads, and iPhones. However, the exact amount has been a topic of speculation. A recent report by The New York Times has shed light on this, revealing that Google … Read more

YouTube Music Announces Support for Apple’s HomePod

After much anticipation since its teaser at the WWDC in June, Google finally unveiled support for YouTube Music on Apple’s HomePod. This integration allows users to enjoy a seamless voice-command music experience. It’s a significant move towards giving consumers more choice and flexibility in how they interact with their smart devices and their choice of … Read more

Apple Unveils New Budget-Friendly USB-C Apple Pencil

It’s a new dawn for Apple’s iconic iPad accessory, The Apple Pencil. This tech titan just dropped the news about the launch of a wallet-friendlier version of their stylus! And guess what? It comes equipped with a USB-C port! Hold your breath because this announcement shatters the silence while expectations are sky-high for Apple’s future … Read more

Google’s Payment to Apple for Search Dominance Under Scrutiny

Recent findings indicate that Google may be paying Apple between $18 billion to $20 billion annually to ensure it remains the primary search engine on iPhones. This information, originally highlighted by the financial advisory firm Bernstein, emphasizes the significant monetary relationship between the two tech giants. Initially, the 2021 estimates suggested that Google’s payment to … Read more

European Commission Investigates Microsoft and Apple Under DMA Regulations

The European Commission is currently probing key services of tech giants Microsoft and Apple, including Bing, Edge, Microsoft Advertising, and iMessage. The core of the investigation is to ascertain whether these services should be subject to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, a recently introduced set of rules aimed at promoting fair competition in the … Read more

Microsoft’s Attempt to Place Bing on Apple Devices: An Inside Look

In a significant revelation, Bloomberg reported that executives from Microsoft and Apple convened in 2020 to explore the possibility of selling Bing to Apple. At the core of these talks was Apple’s services chief, Eddy Cue. Although the dialogue took place, it remained in the exploratory phase, suggesting that Apple, especially key personnel such as … Read more

Apple’s iOS 17 Launch: Everything You Need To Know

Apple has officially revealed that the eagerly awaited iOS 17 will be released on September 18. This announcement was made during the company’s “Wonderlust” event, amidst the excitement surrounding Apple’s other product launches. iOS 17 was first presented to the public during the WWDC event in June, where it was initially available in beta format. … Read more