Call of Duty Enhances Anti-Cheat System with Real-Time Alerts

The ever-popular game series Call of Duty has unveiled a significant update to its anti-cheating measures, creating a new method of detection and notification. This comes as part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0’s season five content expansion released on August 2. The enhancement is targeted at curbing unfair practices within … Read more

Activision Amplifies Anti-Cheat Initiative, Over 14,000 Call of Duty Accounts Banned Ahead of Season 5 Release

Activision, the publisher of the iconic first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty, has taken the ongoing fight against cheating to new heights. An impressive number of over 14,000 accounts have been banned in a recent wave, signaling the company’s increased emphasis on preserving the integrity of its games. According to the official CODUpdates Twitter Account, … Read more