SYCL aims at safety-critical systems too.

Khronos Group has finalized SYCL 2020, which simplifies programming for accelerators. They are now developing the safety-critical standard, SYCL SC.

Khronos Group Finalizes SYCL 2020 and Announces Development of Safety-Critical Standard

The Khronos Group has finalized SYCL 2020, which offers many innovations compared to previous versions. Among other things, it is based on C++17 and handles all the features of SYCL version 1.2.1 while ensuring uniform shared memory.

The changes made in SYCL 2020 have simplified programming configurations based on accelerators, but safety-critical operation cannot be neglected either. To address this concern, the consortium announced that they are already developing the Safety Critical standard (SYCL SC).

SYLC SC builds upon SYLC 2020 and offers heterogeneous compute options in addition to norms required by target areas such as aerospace (RTCA DO-178C & EASA ED-12C), automotive (ISO26262/21448), industrial use(IEC61508)and medical use(IEC62304).

Khrnono’s goal with its new project implementation is MISRA C++ guidelines compliancy as well aligning with international safety certification standards for various industries while also gaining support from several companies including AMD, ARM , Barcelona Supercomputer Center Codeplay CoreAVI Intel Intellias Mercedes-Benz Qualcomm among others.

The finalization of the Safety-Critical standard will come later on.<\P

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