Excitement Builds for Super Mario Bros. Wonder with Demos and New Art Style Revelations

The anticipation for the upcoming “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game for the Nintendo Switch continues to soar, with demo stands starting to appear in retailers ahead of its October 20 release. Fans who have had the opportunity to try out these demos have shared overwhelmingly positive impressions.

  • On the Nintendo Switch Reddit, a player posted a picture of them engaging with the game, commenting that “the game feels great”.
  • Another user on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, mentioned their delightful experience with the game at a Walmart demo stand. They noted playing two levels which made them nostalgic, saying it “really takes me back to when I was little.”
  • While demos typically showcase the game’s highlights, our own review mirrors the positive reception. Our team remarked, “In my brief time with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, I walked away very impressed. The game brings fresh animations, new enemies, and innovative power-ups. Super Mario Bros. Wonder promises an influx of new ideas, reminiscent of Super Mario 3D World.

However, it’s always advisable to take demo impressions with caution as they might only highlight the game’s best features.

Art Direction Pays Homage to Classic Mario Series

The art style of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” has garnered considerable attention and intrigue due to its fresh animations and expressions. Fans have been quick to compare this new approach to classic Mario games, and it turns out they were on point.

  • In a recent interview with Game Informer, art director Masanobu Sato confirmed the speculations. Sato elaborated that the pixel art and artwork from previous Super Mario Bros. games played a pivotal role in the current game’s design. The goal was to update and reintroduce details that previously couldn’t be depicted due to hardware constraints, offering a modern take while maintaining its classic charm.

Cooperative Gameplay Showcased in Target Demo Pods

In a bid to fuel the growing enthusiasm, popular North American retailer Target is introducing Super Mario Wonder-themed demo pods. These pods are aimed at giving fans an early experience of the game, particularly highlighting its cooperative gameplay using two sets of Joy-Con controllers. The demo pods are popping up at various Target stores, though it’s unclear which exact locations are offering them. Fans are encouraged to check or contact their local stores for an opportunity to indulge in this new Mario adventure before its official release.

Anticipated Game Features and Additions

Given the snippets available from the demos, there’s an evident effort to revitalize the 2D Mario experience. Players can expect:

  • Varied level designs that challenge both new and veteran players.
  • An array of new power-ups that augment gameplay in unique ways, potentially introducing novel strategies for tackling obstacles and enemies.
  • Revamped cooperative mechanics, which are bound to make multiplayer sessions more engaging and dynamic.
  • A nod to Mario’s rich history with levels and elements reminiscent of classic games, reimagined with contemporary graphics and mechanics.


“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is shaping up to be a noteworthy addition to the Mario franchise, merging innovative gameplay with a renewed yet nostalgic art style. With its impending release on October 20th, the game promises a refreshing experience for both long-time Mario fans and new players alike.

As the countdown continues, retailers and Nintendo are ramping up their promotional efforts to ensure fans are well aware of what awaits them in “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.” Besides demo pods in retailers like Walmart and Target, there’s anticipation for more sneak peeks and perhaps even special edition bundles that could include exclusive game merchandise or themed accessories.

Find more details on Nintendo’s official website.

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