Story trailer released for Redfall.

Vampire action game Redfall by Arkane Studios delayed to 2023, but now set to release on May 2 for PC and Xbox.

Redfall: Arkane Studios’ Vampire Action Game

The original plans were that we would be able to get the one made by Arkane Studios last year (Redfall), the team announced in May that the premiere was postponed to 2023. After some speculation, it turned out that the program will arrive at the beginning of May, for which developers shared another trailer below. It might be worth watching this material if you are a fan of cooperative creations.

A New Trailer Released:

The game introduces vampires as its main theme and offers an action-packed storyline with cooperative gameplay mechanics. The players take on different roles while banding together to fight against vampire hordes and their leaders threatening humanity’s survival.

Release Date & Platforms:

Redfall is set to release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store along with Xbox Series X/S consoles on May 22nd, just a little over a month away from now!

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