Steam and Fanatical Offering Varied Game Titles for Free

For all those gamers who love a free game, Steam is offering a colossal giveaway with no strings attached. Currently, Steam users have the chance to play Tekken 8 prior to its release and an upcoming Metroidvania, both for free. Regularly, Steam treats its players to new titles completely free of charge, which can be downloaded and kept forever.

The Lineup of Six Games

Steam’s current offer includes six games: Ashes to Ashes, Death Roads, Street Sense 2, Grand Emprise, Their Land, and Bunker Builder.

  1. Ashes to Ashes: Embark on a story-driven, action-packed adventure with bullets, magic, and betrayal as the infamous undead gunslinger, Quinn del Ramo.

2. Death Roads: Get a unique experience of car battles, merging the thrill of deadly racing, the strategic depth of deckbuilding, and the unpredictable nature of rogue-lite gameplay.

3. Street Sense 2: This educational driving game allows users to learn how to deal with different driving situations, just like in real life.

4. Grand Emprise: Experience time travel, ride dinosaurs, forge tools, and get ready for an adventure into the stars in the prologue to the full game Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival.

5. Their Land: An action-adventure first-person game where you play as Jeremy, a 19-year-old orphan who explores an untrodden island with his experienced friends.

6. Bunker Builder: Plan your work, dig a hole, and build a bunker that will survive anything. These games encompass a diverse mix of genres, from third-person shooters to survival, racing, and puzzle games. There’s bound to be something for everyone. However, users should act quickly as it’s unclear how long this current offer will last.

More Free Games on Steam

Steam’s bounty doesn’t end there; in addition to these six, Steam is offering 12 more games for free, ensuring there is something for everyone. Newly added to the giveaway pile are Cat-aclysm, Exorsite, Force of Nature 2, Bee-Man, Untamed Tactics, and Cosmic Coliseum.

  1. Cat-aclysm: A 3D isometric adventure where players traverse a city encountering evil robot kitties.
  2. Exorsite: A third-person shooter game that involves resolving a conflict shrouded in mystery.
  3. Force of Nature 2: A prologue to a survival sandbox adventure that mixes real-time strategy and resource management.
  4. Bee-Man: A classic pixel-art platformer that gives a nostalgic nod to the Mario games of yesteryear.

How to Get Alchemy Garden

To get Alchemy Garden, simply sign up for Fanatical, subscribe to the newsletter, add the game to your cart, and check out. You’ll receive a game code that can be redeemed on Steam. Furthermore, you will also get a 5%-off coupon for your next order.

What to Expect from Alchemy Garden

Alchemy Garden is a life-sim game that takes you on a relaxing journey. This game focuses on the peaceful pursuits of a chill lifestyle. Players can enjoy gardening, nurturing plants, and creating unique spaces to concoct a variety of options.

  • Concoct Potions: Discover a wide range of potions through experiments using various herbs and minerals. This aspect of the game lends a creative touch to the overall gameplay.
  • Business Endeavors: Once you have enough stock of potions, you can sell them to villagers in the game, turning your passion for alchemy into a business venture.
  • Expand Real Estate: As you earn money, you can look at expanding your real estate portfolio in the game with bigger houses that you can customize to your liking.

Other Deals for Gamers

Alongside Steam and Fanatical’s offers, there are other great deals available for gamers. GOG is currently offering Crusader Kings II for free. Fanatical also has a terrific bundle deal on action games. Additionally, Amazon is running a massive buy two, get one free sale that gamers may find beneficial. In conclusion, gamers have a wealth of opportunities right now to not only add to their collection but also try out a variety of genres at no cost. With everything from action-packed adventures to laid-back life simulation games, there’s something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking to try something new or are just on the lookout for your next gaming adventure, these offers provide the perfect opportunity to do so. For more information on gaming deals, tips, and the latest gaming news, check out the official PC Gamer website.

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