Unexpected Cancellations for Starfield Constellation Edition Pre-Orders Create Panic Among Fans

Fans of Bethesda’s highly anticipated deep-space exploration game, Starfield, are feeling a deep sense of anxiety and frustration as Walmart has started canceling pre-orders for the exclusive Constellation Edition of the game. Several fans shared their experiences on the Starfield Reddit thread and other social media platforms, revealing abrupt cancellations, lack of explanations, and a degree of confusion among Walmart’s customer service.

Pre-order Panic on Reddit and Twitter

It all started when a Starfield fan shared a screenshot of their pre-order on Starfield Reddit, highlighting an alarming change in the pre-order amount from the usual $299.99 to $0.00. This led to a flurry of concerned posts and comments from other fans who had similar experiences. They reported receiving emails, text messages, and even phone calls from Walmart confirming the cancellation of their pre-orders.

Failed Assurance from Walmart

Upon receiving these notifications, customers rushed to contact Walmart’s customer service for clarification. However, the response they received only added to their confusion. While some were initially reassured that their orders would still arrive, and they would only be charged upon receiving the item, these hopes were quickly dashed. An hour after these conversations, several customers received another wave of communications from Walmart, now stating their orders had been “accidentally” canceled, with no possible way to amend or reactivate them.

Out-of-stock Constellation Edition?

Some fans reported a different scenario. They were told that the Constellation Edition was “out of stock,” hence the reason for the cancelation. The shock and disappointment were shared widely across the Starfield fan community, particularly among those eagerly waiting for the special edition’s release in September.

Speculations and Fans’ Concerns

Several fans have theorized that these abrupt cancellations could be due to Walmart accepting more pre-orders than they could handle, a scenario reminiscent of past instances involving other game pre-orders. However, without an official statement from the retailer, this remains speculation.

Scalpers Potentially at Play

Another concern that has arisen is the potential role of scalpers who have been known to buy up limited edition releases only to resell them at a substantial markup. The fear is that some of these canceled pre-orders might soon appear on resale platforms like eBay, inflating the price far beyond its original tag.

Starfield: Constellation Edition and What’s at Stake

For context, the Constellation Edition of the Starfield game is no ordinary release. This collector’s edition features unique physical goodies such as a Steelbook, Constellation Patch, Chronomark Watch, and a special case, as well as digital extras like five days of early access to the game, the first story expansion, and DLC skins for player-created characters.

The Bigger Picture: Impact on Bethesda and the Starfield Game

This pre-order debacle adds to existing concerns some fans have about Starfield. There have been complaints about the game’s UI, and apprehension over how Bethesda will handle the game’s launch, given their past track record.

Game’s Potential Undeterred

Despite some problems with advanced orders and fears, Starfield still holds the spot as one of the most awaited games this year. The game’s giant scope with over a thousand planets to check out and the chance to create your own spaceship has caught the attention of many fans globally. However, these sudden order cancellations could be bad news for the many dedicated collectors who are excitedly waiting for the Constellation Edition. Right now, it seems like only those who ordered the Constellation Edition for PC are facing issues, while Xbox users haven’t reported any troubles. Some fans guess that these problems might be due to a glitch in the server rather than an actual lack of the product, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Given this unsure situation, all Starfield fans can actually do now is wait for an official statement and wish that their advanced orders will be respected.

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