SSD drives proved to be more reliable than server HDDs.

Backblaze conducted a study on the reliability of SSDs for data storage and backup, collecting statistics since…

Backblaze Study on SSD Reliability

Backblaze, a company specializing in cloud storage and data backup, conducted a study on the reliability of solid-state drives (SSD). The statistics were collected starting from…

The study analyzed the failure rates of various models of SSDs used by Backblaze in their data centers. It revealed that while traditional hard disk drives (HDD) have an average annual failure rate between 2-5%, some models of SSDs had higher failure rates.

Highest Failure Rates

  • Samsung 840 EVO – 189 failures out of 3,052 units
  • Corsair Force GS – four failures out five units purchased for testing purposes
  • Toshiba HG5d Series – three failures out six tested

The Samsung model was particularly concerning as it had an abnormally high rate compared to other brands and its own predecessor model. However, it should be noted that newer versions such as the Samsung 850 Evo seem to be much more reliable.

Lack Of Data & Small Sample Sizes Are Limitations In This Research:

This research has certain limitations due to small sample sizes. Also, certain manufacturers’ products are not represented enough or at all within this dataset. 

In conclusion, if you’re considering purchasing an SSD drive for your computer or server system keep these findings in mind when making your selection.