Spotify plans to proceed with HiFi launch.

Spotify HiFi, the service offering uncompressed and pre-air-free audio, is still not launched after two years. Spotify plans to launch it but has no set date due to industry changes and competition from other music services. The Verge reports that employees have access to HiFi, which may be part of a larger launch with spatial sound.

Spotify HiFi still not launched after more than two years

Although Spotify announced the launch of its uncompressed and pre-air-free audio service, Spotify HiFi, over two years ago, it is yet to be released. The initial plan was to launch the service towards the end of 2021; however, it has remained absent until now without any specific release date given by Spotify.

The intention is there but no definite timeline set

In an interview with The Verge publication recently, Gustav Söderström from Spotify confirmed that they have plans for launching their hi-fi streaming services. However he added that “We’re going to do it in a way where it makes sense to us and our listeners.” There are currently no details on when this may happen as industry changes continue affecting how they will roll out their offerings.

New competition impacts rollout strategy

One possible reason for delayed or changed plans could be due competitor market moves that saw Apple Music include uncompressed music as part of its standard subscription price while Amazon stopped charging extra fees for access into thier high-quality music library downloads.Although competitors’ decisions cannot solely determine what direction a company takes regarding new product launches ,it seems likely enough influence would play some role factor within these companies considerations .

Possible upcoming larger release:

The Verge reports suggest employees at spotify have had access been readying themselves longer than one year period waiting patiently anticipating go-live announcement. It’s speculated whether this long-awaited feature might finally see daylight soon along with other related features such as spatial sound under one large-scale package offering users something fresh innovative cutting-edge experience top-notch quality content all round!

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