Sony Faces Multiple Data Breaches Impacting Thousands of Employees

In a troubling sequence of events, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has become a target for hackers, with two major security breaches reported within a short span. Bleeping Computer has brought to light details surrounding these breaches, highlighting potential risks to thousands of current and former Sony employees.

The MOVEit Data Breach

  • On May 31, 2023, Progress Software, the developers behind the file transfer app MOVEit, announced a vulnerability in its platform.
  • Despite this notification coming on May 31, unauthorized downloads from the MOVEit platform used by SIE employees had already occurred on May 28, as per Sony’s statements.
  • Roughly 6,800 U.S.-based Sony employees had their personally identifiable information accessed during this breach.
  • Responsibility for the breach has been claimed by a ransomware group known as CL0P.
  • SIE responded swiftly, discovering the breach on June 2, 2023. They immediately took MOVEit offline and began remediation efforts.
  • An extensive investigation, supported by external cybersecurity experts, was launched. Furthermore, law enforcement agencies were also notified of the breach.
  • As a safeguard, Sony is offering credit monitoring and identity restoration services to the affected individuals and has advised them to remain vigilant against potential identity theft or fraud.

Additional Breach from September

  • In another alarming incident, hackers acquired a significant 3.14GB of data from Sony servers located in Japan. These servers were used for internal testing for Sony’s Entertainment, Technology, and Services business.
  • While a group named Ransomed. vc initially claimed responsibility for this breach, another group, Major Nelson, denied this claim and provided a sample of the stolen files as proof of their involvement.
  • Sony confirmed this breach, emphasizing that it had “no adverse impact on Sony’s operations.”
  • The leaked files reportedly contained data from platforms such as SonarQube, as well as certificates, a license generator, and data from Creators’ Cloud, among other details.

A History of Attacks on Sony

This isn’t the first time Sony has been in the crosshairs of cyber attackers. Notable past breaches include:

  • In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation network suffered an enormous breach that affected approximately 77 million accounts, leading to the service being offline for nearly 23 days.
  • Financially, Sony estimated that this 2011 hack cost the company upwards of $100 million.
  • Another notable breach took place in 2014 when Sony Pictures was hacked, resulting in a massive leak of documents and entire films.

Industry-Wide Cyber Threats

Bleeping Computer notes that the MOVEit platform’s vulnerabilities haven’t only affected Sony. Multiple organizations have fallen prey to cyberattacks through MOVEit, underscoring the necessity for robust cybersecurity measures across the board.

Proactive Measures in Cybersecurity

As cyber attackers utilize advanced tools and methods, companies like Sony must anticipate threats before they manifest. Proactive measures can make the difference between a minor hiccup and a significant data breach.

Regular Security Audits

  • Regularly auditing cybersecurity frameworks is essential. This process helps in identifying weak spots and areas that require strengthening.
  • By employing third-party experts for these audits, companies can gain an unbiased perspective on their security posture.

Employee Training

  • Often, breaches can result from internal oversights. Regular training sessions can ensure that employees are up-to-date on best practices for safeguarding sensitive information.
  • By creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness, companies can reduce the risk of internal vulnerabilities.

Investment in Advanced Security Solutions

  • With hackers using sophisticated tools, it’s crucial for businesses to stay a step ahead. Investing in advanced security solutions like AI-driven threat detection can make a significant difference.
  • Real-time threat monitoring and adaptive security protocols can thwart attacks before they cause damage.


Sony’s recent breaches serve as a stark reminder of the constant threats looming in the digital realm. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, it is imperative for companies, irrespective of their scale and industry, to invest in and prioritize cybersecurity, ensuring that their infrastructures are resilient and updated against potential threats.

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