Smart speakers with powerful sound: Sonos Era 300 and Era 100.

Sonos introduces smart Bluetooth speakers Era 300 and Era 100, positioned as standalone devices or part of a stereo system.

Sonos Introduces Smart Bluetooth Speakers Era 300 and Era 100

The American audio product brand, Sonos, has recently launched its latest smart Bluetooth speakers called the Era 300 and Era 100. These devices are positioned as standalone units but can also work in stereo pairs or be part of a larger sound system.

Features of the Sonos Era Series

The new Sonos speakers have several features that make them stand out from other similar products on the market:

  • Crisp Sound Quality: The era series boasts impressive sound quality with rich bass tones and clear vocals due to their Trueplay tuning technology that automatically adjusts EQ settings based on room acoustics.
  • Voice Control Support: Both models support voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free operation. Users can easily access music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music by simply speaking commands.
  • Durable Design: The wireless speaker’s design is sleek yet durable making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors without fear of damage from weather conditions such as rain or extreme temperatures.

Era 300 vs. ERA-100: What’s Different?

The primary difference between these two models lies in their size – while both offer excellent sound quality, they differ slightly concerning output power capability (Era-300 offers more powerful performance), battery life (Era-100 lasts longer) & price range(Ear -30 costs more).

Pricing And Availability

Sonos’ newest release comes at competitive prices compared to others within its category:
The smaller model,Era -10 retails at $199 whilst bigger brother,Ears -30 goes for $299.
Both models are currently available through authorized dealers worldwide ,as well as online stores including Best Buy™,Amazon®,  ‑tunein & 

In summary,Sono’s introduction Of Its Latest Products Into The Market Is A Testament To Their Commitment In Providing High-Quality Audio Solutions That Meet Consumers Needs.