Silent Hill film production commences in April with shooting.

A new Silent Hill movie adaptation of the second game will start filming next month in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Silent Hill Returns: New Movie Adaptation Confirmed

Last October, fans of the Silent Hill series received exciting news about its future. Not only were new games announced, but it was officially revealed that a new movie adaptation is also in the works. Titled Return to Silent Hill, this upcoming film will adapt the story of James Sunderland and his wife from the iconic second game.

After months without any updates on production, recent reports indicate that filming for Return to Silent Hill will begin next month in Germany and Eastern Europe. According to an article by Deadline, we now know who will be playing the main characters.

The Cast

  • Jeremy Irvine:
  • Irvine has been cast as James Sunderland – a role previously played by Guy Cihi in 2006’s Silent Hill flick. You may recognize Irvine from his performances in films like War Horse (released under Hadak Vissza) or The Railway Man alongside Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman.

  • Hannah Emily Anderson:
  • The actress best known for her work on Jigsaw (Idehaza Saw: Back In The Game), Hannah Emily Anderson has been tapped to play Mary Shepherd-Sunderland – James’ deceased wife whose memory haunts him throughout much of Silent hill 2 .Anderson’s previous credits include roles on television shows such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Shoot The Messenger.