rewrite this title in 10 words Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – New story trailer coming tomorrow in English

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor premiere delayed until April, but a new trailer will be released on March 20th.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Release Date Delayed Until April

The highly anticipated release of the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which was originally scheduled for a March premiere, has been delayed. The new release date is now set for April.

In anticipation of the upcoming debut, creators have announced that they will be releasing a new trailer tomorrow at 17:00 Hungarian time. The focus of this trailer will be on the story itself and what players can expect from this exciting sequel.

The previous installment in this series was met with great enthusiasm by fans worldwide, leaving many curious about where the storyline would go next. With so much excitement building around its latest iteration, fans are eagerly anticipating any sneak peeks or previews before it hits shelves later next month.