rewrite this title in 10 words Microsoft increases the price of Xbox games to 80 euros in English

Microsoft has confirmed that the price of exclusive Xbox Series S and X games will increase to €80 in January, starting with Starfield. The increase reflects content, complexity and breadth but may not convince players who turned to Microsoft because of its slightly more attractive prices compared to Sony’s PS5. Microsoft is focusing on Game Pass as a solution for players – it offers one of the most interesting subscription formulas on the market where subscribers can access online games according to three different monthly subscription plans ranging from €9.90-€12.99 per month.

Microsoft Confirms Price Increase for Xbox Games

Expected for several weeks, the price increase for Xbox games is official. For now, the Game Pass is spared.

The Official Announcement

It’s official, Microsoft has confirmed to our colleagues at IGN that the price of games exclusive to the Xbox Series S et Series X would increase in January. The price will increase to 80 euros and the first title to undergo this price increase will be the highly anticipated Starfield.

This price reflects the content, breadth and technical complexity of these titles,” explains Microsoft. But will this argument be enough? Some players had turned towards Microsoft consoles because of their slightly more attractive prices compared with PlayStation consoles which have been selling exclusive titles at €80 since launch.

A Logical Trend?

Microsoft can always argue that it is only applying a “logical” trend – an inexorable rise in video game prices – as seen by Sony’s decision to dramatically raise PS5 pricing earlier this year (Dramatic rise in PS5 Prices ). Take-Two or even Ubisoft have also gone up on individual game pricing over recent months; so while an unwelcome surprise perhaps, it isn’t anything new either!

A Clear Strategy: Focus on Game Pass!

To counterbalance any negative reaction from customers upset about higher-priced games Redmond wants them instead “go-for-the-game-pass”! During its announcement confirming raising physical game prices they wanted everyone aware that all their own-developed team’s Xbox exclusives are available via Game pass from day one too! This enables subscribers access online play across myriad gaming choices according one three subscription formulas varying between 9€90 & 12€99 per month. 

In :

  • Increase sales margins through higher priced physical copies 
  • Promote subscription services like ‘Game-Pass’ where customer loyalty counts most  
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