Radeon RX 6300 budget graphics card priced at $57.

Chinese trading platform Goofish is selling the AMD Radeon RX 6300 desktop graphics card with low price and modest features.

Desktop GPU AMD Radeon RX 6300 Now Available on Chinese Trading Platform Goofish

The Chinese trading platform Goofish has recently added the desktop GPU AMD Radeon RX 6300 to its list of available products. This model stands out from other GPUs in the series with two notable features – a low price and very modest specs.

Low Price Point

The AMD Radeon RX 6300 is priced significantly lower than other models in the same series, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Despite being more affordable, this graphics card still offers decent performance levels that are suitable for casual gaming and everyday use.

Modest Specs

In terms of specifications, the AMD Radeon RX 6300 falls short compared to higher-end models like the RX 6700 or even last year’s popular choice – the GTX1066 Ti. Its processing power is limited due to having only six compute units (CUs) instead of eight or ten found on higher-end cards.

This means that while it can handle some basic games at medium settings without difficulty, you may experience lagging issues when playing more demanding titles such as AAA games at high resolutions or frame rates above sixty frames per second (FPS).


If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient graphics card that won’t break your bank account but still provides enough power needed for most applications including video editing software, then consider giving this new product – The Desktop GPU-AMD Radeon Rx-63000 a try!