“Powerful portable speakers with rugged casing: LG XBoom XL7 and XL5.”

LG expands its XBoom portable speaker line with two new models, XL7 and XL5, boasting high output power and customizable LED lighting.

LG expands XBoom portable speaker lineup with XL7 and XL5 models

Korean electronics company LG has recently announced the addition of two new models to their popular XBoom line of portable speakers – the XL7 and XL5. Both devices boast impressive output power, customizable LED lighting, as well as unique features that set them apart from other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

The LG XBoom XL7

The larger of the two new releases, the XboomXL 7 offers a powerful 240 watts RMS output through its dual tweeters and woofers. The device also includes Meridian sound tuning technology which enhances audio quality across all frequencies for an immersive listening experience.

Beyond just its sound capabilities, however, what makes this model stand out is its built-in rechargeable battery that can provide up to ten hours’ worth of playtime on a single charge. Additionally, it comes equipped with both USB-C quick charging support and wireless charging compatibility for added convenience.

The LGX BoomXL 5

Despite being smaller in size than its counterpart (measuring at only one foot tall), don’t let this fool you into thinking it’s any less capable when compared to other wireless speakers available today- thanks mainly due in no small part thanks largely because ofits advanced AI-driven capabilities suchasvoice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integrationand more traditional physical controls includingplayback adjustment buttons placed atopthe unit itself.. It delivers a respectable yet still impressive100watts RMS peak outputthrougha combination oftweeter driversand woofer unitsfor high-quality audio playback while remaining compact enoughtoeasily move aroundinall spaces where music might be enjoyed-both indooror outdoor settings alike.
Bothmodelsalso feature party-focused functionalitieslike DJ-styleprosound effects modes alongside adjustablerhythmic LED lighting that syncs upwithwhatever tune is currently playing For those looking fora little extra bass boosteach unitis compatiblewith an optional subwoofer add-onthatcanbe purchased separately if needed .

In conclusion,LG continues making strides within digital audiotechnology by introducing these latest additionsinto their ever-expanding familyof products geared towards enhancing everyday life experiences through cutting-edge innovations-based design implementationwhile providing accessible ways users canenjoytheir favorite tunes anytime-anywhere they like best!