PotatoP custom laptop lasts two years without charging.

Andreas Eriksen created PotatoP, a device that can last up to two years on one charge and increases laptop autonomy.

Andreas Eriksen creates PotatoP, a device that increases laptop autonomy

Inspired by the idea of increasing laptop autonomy, engineer Andreas Eriksen has created the PotatoP device which according to him can last up to two years on a single battery charge. The gadget is visibly…

Eriksen’s innovative creation aims at providing an alternative solution for those who are constantly on-the-go and require long-lasting battery life in their laptops. The design of this new invention takes into consideration several factors such as power consumption and flexibility.

The Features of PotatoP

  • Battery Life: Potato P boasts an impressive two-year-long battery life when used with compatible devices.
  • Compatibility: The device works with most popular models including Apple MacBooks, Lenovo ThinkPad X220/X230 series, Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m/9480m.
  • Flexibility: Potato P offers various charging modes like solar panel or USB port making it flexible enough to be charged anywhere anytime. 

This latest innovation from Andreas Eriksen promises more convenience for people needing longer lasting batteries while working remotely or traveling without hassle. With its unique features offering compatibility across different models alongside its flexibility regarding charging options makes it stand out among other similar inventions in the market today.