“Pocket Reform Linux Laptop Now Available for Sale at High Price.”

MNT startup announced Pocket Reform, a customizable 7-inch laptop. A crowdfunding campaign for funding has launched on Crowd Supply.

MNT Startup Announces Pocket Reform: A Customizable 7-inch Laptop

In 2022, the MNT startup announced its latest innovation – the Pocket Reform. This laptop boasts a unique selling point of being highly customizable to suit individual needs and preferences.

The Features of Pocket Reform

Pocket reform is small in size with dimensions of just seven inches making it extremely portable for users on-the-go. Despite its compact design, this laptop packs powerful features including:

  • 8-core ARM64 CPU running at up to 3GHz
  • Up to 16GB RAM and upgradable storage via NVMe SSD or microSD card slots
  • A high-resolution display with a resolution exceeding Full HD (1920 x1080 pixels)
  • An open-source hardware design that allows for customization by tech-savvy users who want more control over their device’s functionality.

Crowd Funding Campaign Launches on Crowd Supply Platform

To bring this innovative product into production, MNT has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply platform. The company aims to raise $225K in funds during the campaign period which will go towards completing development work as well as manufacturing costs. The campaign has already attracted considerable interest from investors keen to support an alternative computing solution that offers both power and portability combined with easy customizability options not found elsewhere. 

The Future of Computing is Here!

If you’re looking for an alternative computer option that combines performance, flexibility, and portability all-in-one package then look no further than MNT’s revolutionary new product: The Pocket Reform! With customizable options galore plus top-of-the-line specs such as fast processors & a sharp display screen, this little powerhouse can be yours before long thanks…

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