PlayStation Plus subscribers get Meet Your Maker on launch day.

Meet Your Maker, a post-apocalyptic action game by Behavior Interactive, will be released on April 4th for PC and consoles. PlayStation Plus subscribers get full access.

Behavior Interactive’s New Program: Meet Your Maker

Last August, Behavior Interactive – known for their popular game Dead by Daylight – announced that they were working on a completely new program called Meet Your Maker. This insider-view action game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment and allows players to switch between different roles. The essence of the whole project is that players have to attack outposts designed by other players, packed with traps and guards, so that they can finally protect the genetic material acquired there at their own base.

The Release Date & PlayStation Plus Offer

We got the exact release date at the end of last year. According to recent news updates from Behavior Interactive, Meet Your Maker will be available on PC (Windows), PlayStation 4/5 consoles as well as Xbox One/Series X/S gaming systems starting April 4th.

In addition to this exciting announcement about its launch date across various platforms, it was also revealed recently that PlayStation Plus subscribers will automatically get access to the full version of this brand-new game!

A Post-Apocalyptic Action Game

The gameplay mechanics revolve around attacking enemy bases while defending one’s own against similar attacks from other gamers online. Players must navigate through an array of obstacles like traps and enemies while collecting valuable resources needed for survival such as weapons or ammunition along with genetic material necessary for cloning purposes back at home-base.