PlayStation and Xbox consoles to get Sea of Stars.

Sabotage Studio’s retro RPG Sea of Stars was delayed to 2023, but will now release on Aug. 29 for PC and consoles.

Sabotage Studio to Release Retro-Style RPG, Sea of Stars

In 2020, Sabotage Studio announced that they were developing a classic turn-based retro-style RPG based on the Sea of Stars. The announcement generated significant interest with a successful Kickstarter campaign. However, the game’s release was postponed from last year until 2023.

The latest news reveals that Sea of ​​Stars will now also be released for PlayStation and Xbox consoles at the end of summer in addition to its originally planned PC and Nintendo Switch releases.

The full version is set to launch on August 29th for PC, PlayStation 4/5 as well as Xbox One/Series X/S. Fans eagerly anticipating this unique adventure must wait just a little longer before exploring what Sabotage Studio has created!