PlanetPC: Mini-PC with Ubuntu, Touchscreen Display, and ARM Processor.

Planet Computers, known for nostalgic Android smartphones, enters computer market with two mini-PC models and crowdfunding campaign.

Planet Computers: A Company that Brings Nostalgia to Technology

Planet Computers, a company known for developing nostalgic Android smartphones, has now entered the computer market. They have launched a crowdfunding campaign for two mini-PC models that run on…

The Rise of Planet Computers

With the world continuously evolving in terms of technology, many people are looking back at how things used to be. This is where Planet Computers comes into play.

Their first product was called Gemini PDA – an Android smartphone with a physical keyboard similar to those from old-school PDAs and Blackberries. It received praise from tech enthusiasts who loved its retro look and feel.

New Products: Mini PCs

Mini PC Image

This year, they expanded their product line by launching two mini-PCs named Cosmo Communicator and Astro Slide 5G Transformer which also run on android operating system.

  • Cosmo Communicator:
    • A pocket-sized clamshell device equipped with dual-screen displays and full cellular connectivity.
  • Astro Slide 5G Transformer:
    • a slide-out QWERTY keyboard reminiscent of early Nokia phones along with five-inch touchscreen display; it can also connect over Wi-Fi or use mobile data through its SIM capabilities

    Crowdfunding Campaign:

    Crowdfunding Campaign image

    Both devices were made available via Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform last month (June) starting at $699 each.

    These computers may not appeal to everyone but there is no denying that nostalgia sells! And as long as companies like Planet Computer continue innovating while tapping into our love for all things retro-tech we’ll see more exciting products coming up soon…