Google’s Latest AI Innovations: Pixel 8 Pro Enhancements and the Future of Mobile Photography

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro is receiving a substantial boost in features and functionality, thanks to the company’s continuous AI advancements and software updates. The new updates are not just limited to the Pixel 8 Pro but extend across various Pixel devices, bringing a host of enhancements that improve user experience significantly.

Feature Drop for Pixel Hardware

The December feature drop from Google brings a wealth of new capabilities to the Pixel 8 Pro and other Pixel devices.

  • These include: Video Boost: Exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro, this feature enhances video quality by adjusting color, lighting, and stabilization using Google’s cloud-based computational photography models.
  • Night Sight for Video: An extension of the Night Sight feature, it now applies noise reduction to videos captured in low-light conditions, enriching detail and color.
  • Balance Portrait Light Mode and Photo Unblur: These Google Photos features now better manage harsh shadows and enhance the clarity of pet faces.
  • Dual Screen Preview for Pixel Fold: A unique feature for the Pixel Fold, allowing a camera preview on the outer screen while framing a shot with the inside display.

Pixel Ecosystem Synergy

Google’s focus on synergy across its product portfolio is evident with the following additions:

  • Pixel Phones as USB Webcams: Recent Pixel phones (Pixel 6 and newer) can now function as USB webcams for computers supporting UVC.
  • Repair Mode: A new mode in Pixel devices that protects private data during servicing.
  • Enhanced Security with Google’s Password Manager: This feature now identifies accounts that support passkeys and facilitates easy addition.
  • Pixel Watch and Tablet Integrations: Automatic phone unlocking with Pixel Watch, a call screen feature on the watch, and spatial audio plus Clear Calling on the Pixel Tablet.

Revolutionary Camera Features in Pixel 8 Series

The Pixel 8 series has introduced groundbreaking camera features that set it apart from other Android phones:

  • Best Take and Top Shot Integration: A prospective upgrade to the Best Take feature, enabling the selection of the best facial expressions from motion photos to create an optimal group photo.
  • Video Boost Limitations: This feature will not work on videos in the Locked Folder and might have a length limitation. Night Sight Time Lapse: A new feature for enhanced nighttime videos.

Predicted Upgrades: Fondue Topshot

The APK teardown of the Pixel Camera app hints at a new feature, codenamed “Fondue Topshot,” which seems to be an upgrade to the Best Take feature. This development underscores Google’s commitment to improving photography experiences on its devices.

Upcoming Features and Enhancements

Looking ahead, Google’s roadmap for the Pixel series seems more ambitious than ever. The anticipated features and enhancements are set to redefine user experiences:

  • Expanding Video Boost: Google is exploring ways to enhance Video Boost, potentially expanding its capabilities to include more video formats and lengths.
  • Improving Best Take: The integration of Best Take with motion photos is just the beginning. Future updates may include more sophisticated AI algorithms to ensure even more accurate and pleasing results in group photos.
  • Enhanced Pixel Watch Integration: Google may introduce more features that seamlessly integrate the Pixel Watch with Pixel phones, enhancing the convenience and functionality of the ecosystem.

Impact on the Smartphone Market

These updates not only enhance the value of Pixel devices but also position Google as a leader in smartphone innovation. By focusing on unique features that leverage AI and machine learning, Google differentiates the Pixel series from other Android devices, offering users a distinctive and advanced mobile experience.


Google’s December update is a clear indicator of the company’s dedication to enhancing its ecosystem, with a particular focus on the Pixel series. The integration of advanced AI and machine learning technologies in camera functions, security features, and device interoperability positions Google at the forefront of smartphone innovation. To explore more about these updates, readers can visit Google’s official blog post. For more detailed insights and a complete list of updates, including the new clock/weather widget and watch faces for the original Pixel Watch, check out the official Google blog post.

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