Philips releases wide-angle monitor with facial recognition feature.

Philips has released two new 40-inch ultra-wide-angle monitors with high resolution and built-in facial recognition cameras.

Philips introduces new 40-inch ultrawide monitors

Dutch electronics company Philips has recently unveiled a pair of new 40-inch ultrawide angle monitors. The models, named the 40B1U5600 and the 40B1U5601H, boast high resolutions and come equipped with built-in cameras that support facial recognition.

High resolution displays

The two monitor models have impressive display capabilities. With their respective resolutions of 3840 x2160 pixels (4K UHD) for the B15600 model and 5120×2160 pixels (5K UWD) for its sibling, they offer users clear visuals that are great for graphics-intensive work such as video editing or gaming.

Built-in camera features

In addition to providing excellent visual quality, both Philips monitors also feature integrated webcams with advanced facial recognition technology. These allow users to log in securely without having to type passwords manually – simply sit down in front of your computer and let it recognize you! This is especially useful when working from home or in shared office spaces where security can sometimes be an issue.

Sleek Design

In terms of design aesthetics, these sleek-looking screens sport minimalist black frames on three sides while leaving ample space at the bottom edge which houses control buttons including power switches along with multiple ports connectivity options like HDMI , USB-C etc . They also come mounted on adjustable stands giving user freedom customize according their preference by swiveling tilting etc .

Overall , If you’re looking for top-notch performance paired with innovative features like face-recognition software packed into one easy-to-use package then these newest offerings from Phillips definitely deserve consideration!