Our thoughts on Samsung’s future bestsellers: Galaxy A14, A34 and A54.

Samsung unveils its new entry-level and mid-range smartphones, including the Galaxy A14, A34, and A54 with a consistent design. The Galaxy A14 comes in 4G and 5G versions with basic features suitable for daily tasks at an affordable price.

Samsung unveils new entry-level and mid-range smartphones: Galaxy A14, A34 and A54

Like every year, Samsung is lifting the veil on its new entry-level and mid-range smartphones that will make up most of its sales in the months to come. We present to you the Galaxy A14, A34 and A54 that we were able to take in hand before their launch.

A Consistent Design for 2023

In 2023, Samsung is playing the consistency card by offering an easily identifiable design on its entire Galaxy range. This translates into solid colors and a camera block made up of three “floating” modules vertically aligned – as seen on their latest flagship model – The Samsung S23.

The Best-Selling Successor: The GalaxyA14

If you take a look at the best-selling smartphones on Amazon.fr., you’re likely to find last year’s model – TheSamsungA13 there. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Korea’s tech giant has released two versions of this successor- with one being affordable yet effective & another providing faster internet speed without compromising quality.The first versionis4G compatible while thesecondmodel offers5G compatibility.Samsung specifies both models can share similar accessories hence making them perfect gateways for users looking forwardtotheirfirst phone or those who want decent performance but not crazy features like gaming or exploits in photography.
At this price point,the primary module (wide-angle) should produce good enough images.

The SamsungGalaxyA14(4G)


TheGalaxyA15comeswitha6.6-inchdiagonalandlargeblackborders.Thisisnottheidealphoneforpeoplewholiketoslippocket-sizephonesintheirsatchel.Atthispricelevel,SamsungdoesnotofferAMOLEDtechnologybutratherLCD.Plasticfinishisevidentinbothmodelsalongsideaselfiecamerathatincreasesfrom5Mpxonpreviousgenerationsto13Mpxnow.Borderallaroundthescreenarevisible,andthefrontcameraisplayedinawaterdropformatwhichistartingtoshowitsageinthisyearofproduction,i.e., 2023..

TheSamsungGalaxy(A) Series

Distinguishing Features:
  • The cameras are triple-lensed which resultsin great pictures even under low light conditions;
  • Battery lifeislong-lastingdue totimely upgradesdonebySamung. 

  • Thisseriesoffersgreatfeatureslikeanultrawideanglelens,aheadphonemini-jackandaUSB-Cportamongstothers.AuniquefeatureofferedistoaccessGoogleAssistantevenwhenyourphonedoesnothaveinternetconnectivity!

To sum it all up,this series from Samung caters extensivelytobothaffordableyetefficientusers& higher-end consumerswho do notwanttocompromiseonspeedwhilekeepingupthedecentperformance.Itcomesloadedwithusefulfeaturesmakingitworthinvestment.

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