“Nothing readies new device for release, not a smartphone or headphones.”

OnePlus founder Carl Pei’s company Nothing teased a new product line, leaked by insider Kuba Wojciechowski.

Nothing teases new product release

The company Nothing, owned by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has recently started teasing a new addition to their product line. While the details of this upcoming device were kept under wraps, insider Cuba Wojciechowski has broken the suspense and shared some information.

According to Wojciechowski’s tweet:

“So what is Project T? Well according to my sources it’s going be called Ear (1), positioned as a ‘smart earbuds’ line by Nothing.”

This confirms that the rumored “Project T” from Nothing will indeed be an audio-related product. The name “Ear (1)” suggests that these may be wireless earbuds with smart features such as touch controls or voice assistants.

A competitive market for audio products

If this prediction about Ear (1) proves true, then they would enter into a highly competitive market for wireless earbuds dominated by giants like Apple and Samsung. However; there are still opportunities within this space for newcomers who can offer unique features or more affordable prices.

The ambitions of Nothing

Nothing was founded in October 2020 with ambitious goals of becoming an innovative technology brand focused on creating simple yet elegant devices centered around user experiences rather than specs alone.

It remains unclear when exactly we’ll see Ear(1) officially released but given how much excitement surrounds them already thanks largely due in part because people have been anticipating since hearing rumors earlier last month so stay tuned!