Nintendo prioritizes development of mobile games.

Nintendo and DeNA will create a joint venture to develop mobile games, aiming to compensate for the drop in Switch sales.

Nintendo Announces Joint Venture with DeNA for Mobile Games

The manufacturer has just announced the creation of a joint venture with a giant in the creation of games for Android and iOS. The objective is to compensate for the drop in sales of the Switch.

New Company Called Nintendo Systems Co., Ltd Expected to Start Operations

Nintendo has just published its half-year results, but also made an announcement that will delight those who play on their smartphone or tablet. The Japanese manufacturer will create a joint venture (joint venture in English) with the company DeNA. The latter is a giant in mobile video game development having participated in creating several Nintendo titles such as Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Mario Kart Tour among others.

Lucrative Partnership Between Nintendo and DeNA since 2015:

Nintendo and DeNA have been working together since 2015 resulting into lucrative partnership ventures like Fire Emblem Heroes which launched back then bringing more than $1 billion dollars to Japan’s leading gaming console maker; other popular titles include Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp grossing over $282 million while both Pikmin Bloom (developed by Ninatic) released recently brought significant success earning millions within six months after release.

Aim To Offset Drop In Sales Of Portable Switch Console Due To Component Shortage:

This new strategy comes at an opportune time when demand for portable consoles like Switch are being hit hard due components shortage causing up-to-23% decrease compared last year’s figures forcing them cut down forecasts by over -10%. With this JV it hopes that revenues generated from mobile games can help offset declining sales numbers from hardware side business operations making it easier reach financial targets set forth annually.

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