Nintendo Ignites the Party Scene With Its New Multiplayer

Nintendo is making a significant leap in the gaming world by turning the concept of local multiplayer gaming on its head with its brand-new game, Everybody 1-2 Switch. This latest addition to the Nintendo universe takes multiplayer gaming to the extreme, allowing up to a hundred players to compete simultaneously.

From 1-2-Switch to Everybody 1-2-Switch: The Journey

The inception of the Everybody 1-2 Switch began with the quirky and entertaining two-player game, 1-2 Switch, launched alongside the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Despite its fun, it often felt like the game ran short of fresh ideas. Nevertheless, the whimsical mini-games like racing to shave your face, eat imaginary hot dogs or milk a cow, quickly made it a family cult favorite.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Everybody 1-2 Switch not only pushes the boundaries by increasing the player limit but also by introducing compatibility with phones and tablets, essentially transforming smart devices into touch-enabled game controllers.

Unfolding the Chaos: The Game Mechanics

Nintendo’s new offering operates on the “the more, the merrier” principle. Each game session transforms into organized chaos with as many as 100 players participating in a variety of mini-games. All that’s needed to join the frenzy is a TV-dockable Nintendo Switch and a bunch of controllers or smart devices.

During a pre-release play session, players got a taste of the madcap experiences the game promises. Among the myriad of games offered, some can only be played with Joy-Con controllers, while others are compatible with either Joy-Cons or phones, and a surprising number are phone-only.

The game features everything from pumping a balloon without popping it to a wacky hip-bumping competition. There is also a clever and challenging color-photographing game that puts players’ perception to the test and a speedy, customizable quiz game.

Overcoming Challenges and Reveling in the Fun

Every high-energy gaming experience brings its own set of challenges. Managing multiple devices on a single Wi-Fi network might result in some lagging. Still, despite these technical hiccups, the chaotic group games seem to deliver plenty of fun even during short play tests.

Value for Money: Accessible Entertainment

One of the biggest attractions of Everybody 1-2 Switch is its affordability. Priced at $30, this game is one of the least expensive first-party Nintendo games around. At about the cost of a board game, it offers an inexpensive solution for livening up any summer party.

A Glimpse into the Future of Local Multiplayer Games

Everybody 1-2 Switch is a prime example of the potential that large-scale phone-based local party games hold. With its mass appeal and innovative use of smart devices as controllers, the game sets a new benchmark for future multiplayer games. It demonstrates the untapped potential of combining traditional console gaming with smart devices, potentially revolutionizing local multiplayer games.

To get a glimpse of the fun and excitement that Everybody 1-2 Switch can bring to your parties, you can check out Nintendo’s influencer event showcasing the gameplay in this video.

Everybody 1-2-Switch: The Verdict

There is much anticipation and excitement surrounding the launch of Everybody 1-2 Switch. Whether it outdoes the fun factor of games like Mario Party or Jackbox Party Pack remains to be seen. However, if you

‘re looking to add a dash of chaotic fun to your next big gathering, Everybody 1-2 Switch seems like a great pick.

Launch Details

The game is set to launch on June 30th, promising to turn your usual parties into unforgettable gaming sessions. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your party entertainment to the next level with Everybody 1-2-Switch!

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