New fitness earbuds FreeBuds Pro 2+ teased in first look.

Chinese insider leaked image of upcoming FreeBuds Pro 2+ TWS earbuds with fitness bracelet function, similar to previous model.

Chinese Insider Leaks Image of Upcoming FreeBuds Pro 2+ TWS Earbuds

A Chinese insider has published an image of the yet-to-be-released flagship TWS earbuds, the FreeBuds Pro 2+. In appearance, they resemble their predecessor model – FreeBuds Pro 2; however, they will be able to perform one function typically attributed to fitness bracelets.

The new earbuds are seen as a significant upgrade from Huawei’s previous version. However, it remains unclear what specific features and functions these devices will offer.

New Features Expected in the New Version

Rumors indicate that some possible improvements include:

  • Better noise cancellation technology for improved sound quality during calls and music playback;
  • An extended battery life with rapid charging feature;
  • Increase in waterproof rating for increased durability;
  • Sensors capable of monitoring body temperature or heart rate (functionality usually found on smartwatches or fitness bands);

Pricing and Availability Details Remain Unknown

No information regarding pricing details has been released thus far. Also unknown is when this latest offering from Huawei will be available on markets outside China. Nonetheless, tech enthusiasts eagerly await news updates about this new release that promises better audio performance plus added features beyond traditional usage as headphones only.