Netflix considers offering cloud gaming to subscribers.

Netflix is exploring cloud gaming despite the failure of Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. The streaming provider has also opened a studio in Southern California to develop video games.

Netflix Signals Interest in Cloud Gaming and Opens Studio to Develop Video Games

Netflix has signaled interest in cloud gaming despite failed bids from Google and Amazon. The streaming service provider has also opened a studio in Southern California to develop video games.

Netflix Explores Entry into the Cloud Gaming Sector

As Google shuts down its cloud gaming service, Stadia, Netflix is exploring an offer of cloud gaming. Mike Verdu, Vice President of Games at Netflix stated that the failure of Stadia and Luna services isn’t due to technology but rather the business model.

The company has not made any official announcement on how this possible offering would fit into its economic model or if it will be a paid option.

In-House Development Studio for Video Games

To further expand its presence within the video game industry market, Netflix is opening an in-house development studio based out of Southern California led by Chacko Sonny who served as Overwatch’s executive producer at Blizzard until last year when he was accused under suspicion for sexual harassment & discrimination charges against him.
The company aims to produce unique content including titles inspired by some programs produced exclusively by them such as Stranger Things alongside other purchased programs like Spongebob SquarePants while also developing their own original content similar to TV series’ movies they already have available on their platform.. Currently 55 new games are being developed with 14 being created internally.

New Financial Results Published :

  • The financial results published show that during Q3 2022 ,the company managed successfully recover losses incurred earlier this year bringing about around over two million subscribers worldwide onto their platform .
  • Affordable pricing options will soon be offered where users can pay through ads instead which comes at just €5.99/month only whereas previously it had been more expensive than this before hand making it easier accessibly priced now! Lastly,