Netflix Accelerates Into Gaming with Expanding Library and Big Titles

Netflix, the leading subscription streaming service, is rapidly expanding its gaming repertoire with a current total soon to exceed 80 games. The company’s gaming initiative is accelerating with a mix of new and previously released titles for mobile device users. Among the standout games joining Netflix’s growing library are the iOS-exclusive HadesShadow and Bone: Enter the Fold, and the anticipated Chicken Run: Eggstraction.

  • Hades – Coming soon to iOS devices
  • Death’s Door – Anticipated release
  • Katana Zero – Expected soon
  • Oxenfree II: Lost Signals – Now available
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition – Release pending
  • The Dragon Prince: Xadia – On the horizon
  • Chicken Run: Eggstraction – In the pipeline
  • Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold – Currently available
  • Money Heist – Launching soon
  • Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill – Playable now

Interested readers can dive deeper into Netflix’s gaming investments by exploring Game Informer’s feature on the subject or by checking out Supergiant Games’ early release plans for Hades II next year. Further details on Braid: Anniversary Edition are also available for those looking to revisit the classic puzzle experience in April.

Hades: A Mobile Milestone for Netflix

Supergiant Games announced that its critically acclaimed title Hades will be available on Netflix for iOS users, offering the full gaming experience enjoyed on other platforms. With cloud saves and achievements integrated but no current support for cross-saves, the game is set to bring its award-winning gameplay to a broader audience through Netflix, leveraging the service’s extensive user base.

Despite its accolades and historic wins, including a Hugo award and multiple industry recognitions, Hades has no current plans to launch on Android. Netflix, however, is not limiting its ambitions to mobile gaming alone. Reports suggest an interest in “higher-end games,” with speculative eyes on major franchises such as Grand Theft Auto. Whether Netflix will secure a foothold in the competitive gaming market remains to be seen, but its strategic moves indicate a strong commitment to the industry.

The Strategy Behind Netflix’s Game Selection

The inclusion of top indie titles like HadesDeath’s Door, and Katana Zero is a bold move for Netflix’s mobile gaming portfolio, suggesting a focus on quality over quantity. Supergiant’s collaboration with Secret6 to ensure a seamless porting experience, complete with customizable controls and Bluetooth controller compatibility, highlights the service’s dedication to delivering a premium gaming experience on mobile devices.

While the move to mobile gaming presents new opportunities for audiences without traditional gaming hardware, it also poses questions about the target demographic for these ports. Netflix’s initial gaming offerings were well-suited for mobile play, like Into the Breach and the unique Before Your Eyes. The challenge will be to maintain this tailored approach while integrating more demanding titles that may not align with typical on-the-go gaming habits.

Apple Arcade’s strategy of focusing on mobile-optimized games could serve as a model for Netflix. Both services now compete to offer curated gaming experiences that leverage the strengths of mobile platforms. However, it’s the potential influx of new users brought by games like Hades that may encourage Netflix to invest further in unique mobile titles, rather than simply porting existing successes.


The advent of Netflix Games marks a significant turn in the entertainment industry, with the streaming giant now playing a pivotal role in the gaming sector. The strategic addition of high-profile games like Hades to its library reflects Netflix’s commitment to diversifying its service offerings and provides an unprecedented opportunity for millions of its subscribers to engage in gaming. As Netflix continues to blaze a trail in this new venture, the industry watches with keen interest to see how this expansion will impact the broader landscape of digital entertainment.

While Netflix’s game library continues to grow, the service is uniquely positioned to redefine mobile gaming by attracting an untapped audience. For more information on Netflix’s mobile gaming offerings, click here.

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