MSI to release motherboards with “invisible” cables.

The company plans to expand its range of motherboards using the AMD B650 chipset, with a unique design that hides traditional features.

Company prepares to expand assortment of AMD B650 chipset motherboards manufactured according to DIY-APE standard

The company is preparing to broaden their selection of motherboards using the AMD B650 chipset and manufactured according to the DIY-APE standard. These models differ from traditional ones due to their original design which completely hides…

The new expansion in the company’s product line aims at providing more diversity for customers who are seeking a unique motherboard design with high performance capabilities. The decision was made based on market research indicating that there is a growing demand for such products.

Benefits of Using an AMD B650 Chipset Motherboard Manufactured According To DIY-APE Standard

  • Unique design: Unlike traditional motherboards, these models have an original construction that fully conceals certain elements, making them visually appealing and enhancing system aesthetics.
  • Better cooling: The layout of components has been optimized for better airflow resulting in improved cooling efficiency compared with conventional designs.
  • Faster data transfer speeds: This model features PCIe Gen4 support which allows faster transmission rates than previous generations enabling smoother multitasking processes among other benefits.
  • User-friendly installation process: With clear instructions provided alongside user-friendly software tools included within this package, installing this type should be straightforward even if you don’t have any prior experience assembling computer systems from scratch!

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